Since 1940 with a recipe that is
unique, authentic and natural

Since 1940

With a recipe that is unique, authentic and natural.

Since 1940, the kitchen of the well-remembered Venta Ruiz Sevillana jealously guarded the recipe of its delicious gazpacho that has always been recognised as the best of many that are served in the city of Seville.


In 1982, thanks to Rafael’s interest in not missing Grandmother Reyes’ recipe, he decided to commercialize this delicious gazpacho under the name ‘La Gazpachería Andaluza’, making it the first fresh gazpacho in the world to be sold. It is the recipe that invented the category.


Our main concern has always been to offer a natural food, free of chemical treatments, full of the freshness of its ingredients and that has the flavour of true traditional gazpacho.


In 2015, when New Way Foods was established under the trade name MAJAO, we decided to leave the reference to La Gazpachería Andaluza on our labels as a reminder of a long history, as real as our surprising flavour. Majao seeks to bring to your home the authentic Andalusian gazpacho and salmorejo: the tradition, the enjoyment, its taste…


To this end, we built a modern and clean factory with the latest technology in food production and packaging, environmentally friendly and ensuring that our Gazpacho and Salmorejo continue to have the same flavour as those prepared by Grandma Reyes so successfully in Venta Ruiz.