A natural taste that
surprises the palate.

what sets
us apart?

A flavour that delights.

Contains LYCOPENE:
Lycopene is a natural health booster. The properties of LYCOPENE help prevent many diseases.

Artisanal manufacture:
It retains all the vitamins and nutrients present in its vegetable ingredients, 100% fresh and carefully selected.

No preservatives:
Due to its preparation without any concentrates, flavourings or any other additives, it has natural flavour to astonish the palate.

Best before:
The product can last more than 45 days in perfect condition as long as the necessary cold chain is maintained (2-4 degrees).

Our image:
Clearly differentiated brand image designed to convey quality and confidence to all consumers.

Our human team:
Continuously focused on the search for the best raw materials and the development of new and appetising products.


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The First

Our traditional gazpacho: Iconic

No Bread

Adaptation of our original recipe.


Highly digestive

No Bread

Suitable for everyone